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Jul 30 2012

A Great 1st/3rd Day

After two days of frantically running around playing administrator, making sure transitions ran smoothly, ironing out the handful of kinks in the schedule and assigning new kids to classes, I finally was able to spend some quality time with my Sped and Tier 3 students and introduce them to our class theme of being “superheroes”. …

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Although I’ve only been outta school for a week and two days, it feels like a much longer time.  It ALMOST seems like I haven’t seen “my kids” in a month.  That’s probably because about half of them stopped showing up once they got their test scores back.  I say almost because for some crazy…

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Feb 12 2012

In a Funk

I remember how I always heard second semester was so much easier and less stressful.  I’m still debating if I agree with that.  I would agree that it is less stressful in the fact that I’ve mastered how to prioritize and manage my time well enough to not have to arrive at school at 6:30…

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I’m currently trying to sift through all the inexperienced emotions that come with finding out one of your students has been shot.  Attempting to process and deal with this information at 7:55 on a Monday morning, a Monday when both you and students don’t believe you should even be in school but already started on…

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Sep 16 2011

Quick Update

It’s 9:45 on a Friday night.  I live in New Orleans.  So of course I’m going out tonight.  However, before that happens…quick update and I’ll give more details later. First and foremost…I am now one of the Special Ed teachers at my school, along with still being a math teacher.  Very crazy, and the details…

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Aug 31 2011

I Totally Jinxed Myself

So I know I haven’t updated in almost 2 months, and not once since school has started, but like all the other first year teachers (and 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 20th, 30th year teachers) life got pretty hectic once the kids entered the building.  Today my students finally made me cry.  I just told my best…

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Institute is officially over.  I currently am sitting at a terminal in the Atlanta airport waiting to board my flight for Chicago.  The past five weeks have flown by.  I went from unbelievably stressed and worried to calm, confident, and excited.  Teaching is by far the hardest thing I have ever done.  It’s amazing how…

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Jul 04 2011

3 day Weekends Are Great

I didn’t think three-day weekends could get much better than they were during high school and college.  Turns out I was wrong.  I’ve never valued the 72 hours off as much as I have this weekend.  It’s not about the three nights of relaxation and drinking although I definitely didn’t miss out on that.  It’s…

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I have thought about updating this blog every few days but I literally have had no time.  Institute has officially kicked my butt.  Week 4 starts tomorrow and it is crazy to think that three weeks have already gone by yet it also feels like I’ve been living in my Georgia Tech bubble for 3…

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Jun 06 2011

Institute Has Started

So I just ended my first day of Institute and let me say…it has been a busy day! I woke up at 5:15 and had dressed, eaten breakfast and was on a bus by 6:40.  I didn’t get back to my room until 5 where I had 40 minutes to complete some work and facebook…

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Jun 02 2011

Oh New Orleans, How I Love You

So I’ve been in New Orleans for about 72 hours and I must say I absolutely love it! Everyone is so friendly and nice and the atmosphere is just amazing! The city has so much charm and it is so diverse! I know I’m sounding like a travel agent advertisement but it truly is that…

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May 23 2011

One Week Left

Disclaimer: This post has no specific rhyme or reason; I just need to get out all my thoughts… Gosh! I feel like all I can think about is my upcoming move to New Orleans and my new teaching career.  I just ended my 3.5 week vacation which although was lots of fun, was a tad…

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Apr 06 2011

Just Waiting…

So I haven’t updated in awhile and I guess that’s because there hasn’t been too much new news occurring in my TFA life. I’m still just counting down the weeks until Induction and Institute when the whole process gets started. It’s starting to hit me a little bit more that my life is about to…

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Mar 09 2011

And the Countdown Begins…

So I’ve officially began my countdown until the new chapter in my life begins, and I have quite a few different ones going on. The first one being less than 7 weeks until my last day of work, (and technically only 6 because I’m going to New York on vacation for one week).  This is…

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Feb 24 2011

Time to Get to Work

I got my pre-institute box in the mail last week and I am so excited to dig into it and start completing everything.  When my mom gave me the package I assumed it was the books I ordered from Barnes and Noble so I was very surprised to cut it open and see TFA letter…

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Feb 17 2011

Just A Little Somethin’

So two nights ago I had my “Get To Know You” conversation with a Greater New Orleans TFA staff member. It definitely was a lot less awkward than I thought it was going to be. When I got the email stating it would be a 45 minute conversation I couldn’t imagine that I would have…

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Feb 08 2011

I Passed!

First thing I did this morning was turn on my computer, got to, sign in, and check my Praxis II score.  After seeing 143 I double checked my TFA materials just to verify what the Louisiana passing score was and I passed! Only by 8 points but I honestly wouldn’t have cared if I…

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Feb 06 2011

Just A Little Anxious

I can’t help but to feel like I’ve been forgotten by TFA.  I keep reading about all the new CMs who were just accepted and have received cards and letters from current CM’s and students in their region.  I got accepted into the Greater New Orleans chapter back in November and besides the initial welcome/what…

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I love reading about all the new members and their excitement! I so wish that I would have blogged right after I got accepted back in November.  I remember being super excited but at the same time apprehensive.  My family didn’t really know too much about Teach for America and my dad was big on…

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Jan 15 2011

Praxis II is no fun :(

Well this is my first blog entry and for my own sake I wish it wasn’t because I know it’s not going to be too positive.  I should have made one right when I got accepted into the Corps but I didn’t think about it.  Anyways, I am a 2011 CM that will be working…

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