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Jul 30 2012

A Great 1st/3rd Day

After two days of frantically running around playing administrator, making sure transitions ran smoothly, ironing out the handful of kinks in the schedule and assigning new kids to classes, I finally was able to spend some quality time with my Sped and Tier 3 students and introduce them to our class theme of being “superheroes”.  Overall it really could not have gone better.  My 4th graders were able to articulate what it means to be a hero and how they should act in the class.  I don’t think they have entirely bought into yet but I plan on asking, “Is that what a superhero would do?”, “Is that how a superhero would talk?”, and “Would a superhero ever give up or quit?” so many times that there will be no misunderstanding on how they should be acting in and out of the classroom.  My 4th grade student who is essentially non-verbal raised his hand to answer four different questions and whispered two one-word answers to me! It was adorable.  He is adorable.

Before I began the same Superhero Culture lesson with my 5th graders I was a little apprehensive since I already knew about the students and taught a few during summer school.  They were unmotivated, lazy, reckless, and very low academic wise, or so I had been informed.  Although they are definitely low, none of them could spell basic sight words during the All About Me activity, that was the only rumor that turned out to be fact.  The five of them 100% bought into working, acting, and talking like superheroes.  Words can’t describe how astonished I was when I asked the class what superheros do and JE responded with “They help fight for justice.  They want to save people, help people, and make the world a better and safer place.”  If it were possible my jaw would have literally hit the floor.  Later when the same student started asking a question in “slang” term, I asked “Is that how superheroes talk?” and he responded with “My bad, I mean…” and rephrased the question.  It was simply beautiful.

I’m so happy and proud of my new babies and just hope that they will continue to buy into being “Heroes” and become highly motivated this year…we shall see :)

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