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Sep 16 2011

Quick Update

It’s 9:45 on a Friday night.  I live in New Orleans.  So of course I’m going out tonight.  However, before that happens…quick update and I’ll give more details later.

First and foremost…I am now one of the Special Ed teachers at my school, along with still being a math teacher.  Very crazy, and the details are still not worked out but as of now I have one 90-minute block to service my 6 students that are in 4 different classes.  Clearly this can’t work out.  The administration is in the process of getting it worked out but yes, this was all sprung on me 2 weeks ago in a PD meeting.  This also means my certification has changed from Elementary Ed to Elementary/Special Ed.  A dual certification which requires me to attend 8 additional certification seminars, each of which is 3 hours long.

So despite being super stressed out with my new role, I am powering through.  We had benchmark testing for the students on Monday and Tuesday which made for restless, chattering students on Wednesday and Thursday.  I also experienced my first full on fight in the classroom.  I had previously dealt with much pushing and shoving and stand-offs but never actually had anyone hit someone.  Well now I can say I have.  One of my students punched the other (a new kid)  in the eye.  Why? I have no idea but it was super agitating and annoying.

To end on a good note…I received the test scores from the benchmark test and my kids did very well! 65% of them got basic of above and the school goal is to have at least 65% of our kids score Basic on the iLEAP.  Granted, basic is about a low C-average so my goal is for all my students to make Mastery (an 80% average) but after only 6 weeks of teaching, I’ll take these scores and be happy. :)

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