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Aug 31 2011

I Totally Jinxed Myself

So I know I haven’t updated in almost 2 months, and not once since school has started, but like all the other first year teachers (and 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 20th, 30th year teachers) life got pretty hectic once the kids entered the building.  Today my students finally made me cry.  I just told my best friend yesterday that I’m not super stressed and burned out like I thought I would be and how I hadn’t even cried yet like at Institute and then today it happened.  Looking back the kids weren’t even acting THAT bad, they have definitely been worse but I think that fact that one of my students chucked a mini-white board at another student then proceeded to charge around the table and try to fight her kind of put me in a sour mood.  I will say that I’ve only had to break up 2 almost fights (both between these two same students) since school has started.  That’s not to say that my co-workers have been as lucky.  Both of the other first year teachers have had to break up a handful of fights each.  The kids are slowly but surely getting into the swing of things and all the strict rules.  For most of them it was a shock to come back to their school and find completely new teachers, administrators, and rules.

I was trying to write 3 sentences a day in a notebook about teaching and school so that when I finally did update this I would remember everything, however, the everyday thing didn’t work out too well but here goes…

8/8/11 (Day 1)

Was told by a student I need to get out of his face and leaver him alone.  Class is a disorganized mess.  My body is physically aching.  My legs feel like hello and my back is sore.  Mom and the family sent me flowers to work. :)

8/9/11 (Day 2)

Arrive to school at 6:30, left school at 6 p.m.  Fell in love with two of my students.  One of them speaks no English and the other was letting him borrow a pencil and showing him the difference between yellow and purple and teaching him the words.  Need to get better control of my homeroom.  My body is aching even more!

8/10/11 (Day 3)

Kids were better behaved while in class.  I recognize about half the kids faces and know about 1/3 of names.  I know 90% of my homeroom’s names.  I made it to hump day!

8/19/11 (Day 10)

Today was good.  I was able to get the 8 “bad” students who didn’t make it to celebration completely silent without having to raise my voice or hardly speak.  I just gave them my “teacher” look and one of them said “Oh she’s pissed” and they all started writing! Such a happy moment to know I have the power :)

8/23/11 (Day 12)

Today was an amazing day! My homeroom was on task and we got through everything.  They were silent and in position in the hallways, it made me so proud! Both classes did good on the exit ticket and my literacy block was under control.  Granted I did work my butt off all weekend, as I told my students for the lesson hook, “Ms. D spend 39,621 seconds working this weekend”, which isn’t too far off.  On a completely different note, an 8th grader brought a gun to school today.  Oh…and where did he get it from?  His 15 year-old brother!  Why is this real life?

8/24/11 (Day 13)

Today was a decent day at school, lessons went OK, but the kids didn’t do too hot on the exit ticket.  Then to end my day I had the curriculum captain tell me everything that I’m doing wrong so that felt good.  Slowly but surely I’m getting better…I think.

That’s is all I can remember right now…I promise I’ll try to start updating at least every other week!

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  1. Anonymous

    To all of the teachers out their as a parent Thank you for you hard work in teaching these students. You are teaching the furture. Thank you

  2. Lynn Kalish

    To all of the teachers out theRE as a parent. Thank you for your hard work in teaching these students. You are teaching the furture. Thank you

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