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Feb 08 2011

I Passed!

First thing I did this morning was turn on my computer, got to, sign in, and check my Praxis II score.  After seeing 143 I double checked my TFA materials just to verify what the Louisiana passing score was and I passed! Only by 8 points but I honestly wouldn’t have cared if I scored exactly the 135 required.  I then proceed to shout downstairs to my dad letting him know while simultaneously running into my parents room to wake my mom up and tell her.  I was THAT excited.  I know everyone on here and even the GNO facebook group had told me along with everyone else that took the test and thought they did awful not too worry and that we most likely passed and that Louisiana has a pretty low score but for some reason I didn’t believe it because the test literally was like a foreign language to me.  Thus I have been in a great mood all day and my boss even let go home early from work today.  :)

I will now practice being patient and wait for the pre-institute package to come in the mail.  Until then, I have a new reading list (thanks to all of you that commented on my last post) that I will begin…as soon as I finish catching up on all my DVR’d shows

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  1. amandainthemitten

    Nice! Congrats! I don’t take my tests until April. I’m definitely nervous so I’ve checked out every testing book I can. ;) Now I just need to sit down and actually study. Enjoy your dvr’d shows, I have a feeling we won’t have much time for them next year.

  2. heikemarie

    The pre-Institute work is also ALL available online right now on TFANet!

    And CONGRATS! :)

  3. Stu

    The PRAXIS is a test designed to fail morons.

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