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Jan 25 2011

Welcome fellow 2011 Corps Members

I love reading about all the new members and their excitement! I so wish that I would have blogged right after I got accepted back in November.  I remember being super excited but at the same time apprehensive.  My family didn’t really know too much about Teach for America and my dad was big on getting a job in the field I majored in.  So once I found out I immediately text my mom but didn’t tell my dad for three days, trying to build up the courage and plan out exactly what I was going to say to make him understand how big a deal it was that I got accepted and also how important Teach for America and it’s goals are.  Once he understood my passion for wanting to do it he was fully supportive and encouraging.  I now am just anxious to get the whole process going.  I’m suppose to be receiving a pre-institute package between the middle of February and March to get going on all the required work and readings.  I wish it would get here soon because I feel like I just have so much down time right now.  I do love waking up every morning though and reading everyone’s blog posts.  I especially love when people give out the names of the books they are reading and find helpful so please everyone keeping doing that!  Congrats again to all the new 2011 CM’s :)

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  1. elsa

    I’m with you on the wanting to get started with the pre-institute work! I want to do it while I have time!!

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