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Jan 15 2011

Praxis II is no fun :(

Well this is my first blog entry and for my own sake I wish it wasn’t because I know it’s not going to be too positive.  I should have made one right when I got accepted into the Corps but I didn’t think about it.  Anyways, I am a 2011 CM that will be working in New Orleans tentatively teaching secondary math.  And let me add there should be a HUGE emphasis on tentatively because I took the Praxis II Math Content Knowledge test today and it was unbelievably hard! Much more difficult and different than any of the practice exams I used to study.  I know that I haven’t done math since high school and although the concepts aren’t super hard, they are just unfamiliar.  Leaving the test site I was really discouraged and upset but after talking with my Dad I realize that it’s over and done with and I’ll just need to do more studying before the next test in March.  However, that is also a concern because I studied using the material TFAnet provided and ETS provide so if those didn’t work I’m not sure what else will but, I’ll find a way.  No way is my TFA experience going to end before it even begins.

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  1. CLB

    Hang in there! Study for the test in March. You may actually be surprised about how you did when the results come in.

    Also, if you’re still in college or nearby a college check and see if they offer any kind of PRAXIS workshops.

    Good luck with everything–you WILL be teaching math in New Orleans! Go ahead and affirm it :-)

  2. Meghan

    It’s hard, but the score required for passing is unbelievably low.

  3. elsa

    I took mine yesterday and it was like DEATH too. I’m an English major who’s assigned to teach secondary math in the Delta, and I studied my little brains out and still felt horrible about it. The only encouraging thing is that for Mississippi you only need to get half of the questions right – *crosses fingers* – good luck!

  4. Wess

    If you haven’t already, you could try joining some of the Math Content Communities on TFAnet (i.e. to talk with current CMs and Alumni–there are probably zillions of us who had just as much trouble pre-Praxis II. AND many of them are teaching upper-level math right now, so they’ll be able to give you lots of insight and resources.

    Chin up!
    You’re a hard worker and you know what you want; don’t doubt yourself for a second.


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